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Got other great ideas about how you can help? Looking to collaborate? Get in touch! We'd love to chat. When you place an order in our webshop, our goal is to always have it out the door within 48 hours. Orders placed on Friday and in the Weekends are dropped off at the post office the following Monday.

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To give you an insight in how we manage our webshop orders: we usually start out our day with the preparation of the orders from the day before and add the orders coming in before lunch. Orders placed after are usually sent out the next day. For shipment wihthin the Netherlands we rely on PostNL, which is usually fairly quick: Both letters and packages are normally delivered the next working day.

When it comes to shipment to other countries we use PostNL, DHL or MyParcel, whichever is best suited for the destination when it comes to delivery time and cost. Flower Constellations are either shipped as a letter 1 or 2 pcs , a package with or without track 'n trace code 3 pcs and up , or as a mailbox package for pcs within the Netherlands only.

Shipping costs vary depending on weight and destination and are calculated in the shop. To give you an idea, we've made this handy overview. Send us an e-mail and we'll get back to you at our earliest convenience. Here's the full list of PostNL. Please note: we're at the mercy of the postal services, who in their turn, have to deal with weather conditions and other situations they may not be able to control do i hear something about a union strike?

And the winner is We asked you which painting you liked most, so that we could turn it into wrapping paper. Over all, most people liked the bright colors and explosive composition in this painting most. Out of the Rachel Ruysch painting, we created this lovely wrapping paper that fits perfectly around the Flower Constellations. And not only for the Holidays! With the new wrapping paper in store, we now offer a score of gift wrapping options in our webshop. We will be adding new wrapping papers to the collection every once in a while.

The Holiday season is upon us and we're getting in the mood for an overload of sing-a-long tunes, mulled wine, chocolate, log fires and sparkling lights. How far along are you with the Holiday shopping? Got everything wrapped and ready to gift? Nope, neither do we.

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To help you out and spread the love, we made it extra easy and affordable to get the Flower Constellations for your loved ones and business relations. Here's how it works: We created a special page full of Discount codes to be used in our webshop. More Holiday promotions to be revealed soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know! Hi Everyone!

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We hope you're enjoying summer as much as we are? We've just returned from a little sunny break with the kids and came back to the best of the best:. Right before taking a break we finished the artwork for the packaging of all twelve star signs. It turned out to be a rather overwhelming project, with last minute adjustments made even from the campsite. We persevered and are very happy with the end result.

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We've received word the packaging is being produced right about now, and should be on its way to our studio in a week. This means we can start fullfilling orders soon and are on track to ship all rewards before the end of this month. Don't forget: Up until August 26th we've got a Flower Constellation Earlybird discount deal going on in our webshop. Last but not least comes the Pisces, or should i say 'come' the Pisces. My apologies if i'm getting it wrong. Yesterday we were talking about the age of Aquarius remember. It's b elieved by most astrologists w e're currently in the 'Age of Pisces'.

It's the age of religion, of faith, believe and sacrifice, and it should be coming to an end within the next or so years. Considering the current religious turmoil all over the planet: let's move to the next age sooner rather than later. Anyway, back to the Pisces star sign. Pisces means 'fish', and the story goes, Aphrodite, goddess of love, and her son Eros turned themselves into Koi fish in order to escape Typhon, father of all monsters.

So now we've unveiled them all, it's about time to pinpoint you to this page that has all Flower Constellations in one neat overview. Click on the button to pre-order now! Capricorn is the smallest and faintest constellation of the Zodiac, yet has one of the oldest mythical back stories. Which is without a doubt the silliest combination of animals you could come up with i mean, imagine the walking?!

What would it eat? That said: feel free to add even sillier combo's in the comments. Thinking about stuff like that is the best for people with vivid minds like me. Using the more 'natural' approach gave us the opportunity to use a snowy mountain in the collage. Not only because it's wintery the sign 'kicks off' right after winter solstice , but also because it represents the 'view from above' people born under Capricorn supposedly have: resulting in great management skills as well as sometimes coming across as condescending.

Remember: that's just what the astrologers say, don't blame the messenger. Embarassed to ask your neighbour to water your plants? This publication in Volkskrants' summer magazine V-Zomer brought something about: orders started pooring in in our webshop and we ran out of stock! Nothing to be worried about though: a batch of glassware is on its way to our studio as we speak, and we'll be restocked by the time we get back from our little break. Sagittarius: the archer.

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The ancient Greeks modeled the sign after centaur Chiron, a master archer, and mentor of Achilles in the era of the Trojan Wars. March 24, Permalink Comments Today we take a brief look at how our Highest Self grows and why negative behaviors and experiences feed our evolutionary process. March 24, Permalink Comments 5. Tags: Atman, Buddhi, higher mind, Higher Self, immortal Self, immortality, karma, lower mind, lower triad, Manas, Monad, seven planes of consciousness, Soul, Spirit, turning bad to good, upper triad, why bad experiences feed Soul growth.

March 23, Permalink Comments 4. Tags: Aries, astrology, Dane Rudhyar, Dharma, holistic philosophy, humanistic, khaldea, novile, psychology, Rudhyar archival project, septile. March 23, Permalink Comments 0. Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will. Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Aum and blessings! March 31, Permalink Comments 12 Tags: alignment, astrology, birthday astrological chart, birthday mediation for the next year, interpreting solar return charts, solar return.

March 30, Permalink Comments 10 Tags: alignment, Angel cards, Animal cards, Astrology, attunement, birthday chart, heart meditation, I Ching, solar meditation, Solar return chart, Tarot. March 28, Permalink Comments 8 Tags: astrology, destiny, expansion through sacrifice, finger of god, interlocking yods, quincunx, sextile, square, stellium in Aries, yod. March 25, Permalink Comments 12 Tags: astrology, Cardinal squares, conjunctions, finger of god, how to deal with increased sensitivity, interlocking yods, mutable squares, mutual reception, Yod.

The Astrology of Destiny in March Pt. March 24, Permalink Comments 5 Tags: Atman, Buddhi, higher mind, Higher Self, immortal Self, immortality, karma, lower mind, lower triad, Manas, Monad, seven planes of consciousness, Soul, Spirit, turning bad to good, upper triad, why bad experiences feed Soul growth. March 23, Permalink Comments 4 Tags: Aries, astrology, Dane Rudhyar, Dharma, holistic philosophy, humanistic, khaldea, novile, psychology, Rudhyar archival project, septile. Allow, joy, ecstasy and laughter to erupt inside of you. It may feel like a total body orgasm.

This is your natural state. Take as much time as you need. When you feel complete. Give thanks. Know that your Guardian Angel will always and protect you. Come out of your meditation and dance. Celebrate, howl, do something generous for a stranger, Keep the energy and optimism going. Start the new seasons wherever you are in the world feeling balanced whole and complete. Cancer is a cardinal water sign governed by the Moon. This is a beautiful Full Moon synchronicity as Christmas is all about celebrating birth, family, giving and children.

This Christmas will be a very emotionally loaded situation. The connection to the Divine Mother and her Divine Child brings unconditional Healing love for all the children of the world and we do so need to receive that now. Call upon the Moon Mothers, Egyptian Goddess Isis, Diana, Kwan Yin, Tara, there are hundreds of them, to show you their love and to heal your heart, womb and soul so that you may spread your love to all the children, the oceans and rivers.

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This Full Moon is a time of fertility. The Full Moon in Cancer will exert event stronger pulls on our emotions and the tides. The Werewolf myth symbolizes the wild, unconscious, instinctual responses we have to the Full Moon. It is naturally a time of strong sexuality and the only time during the month when our ancestors would be out at night, safely enjoying a moon bath. This Full Moon will greatly exaggerate our emotions, our hearts and our unquenched thirst for love. We all have inner children whose need to be loved, accepted and appreciated never diminishes.


Cancer rules the stomach and all eating disorders are connected to the lack of being breast-fed, bonding with the mother, or lacking a sense of emotional safety as young child. Of course this Full Cancerian Moon will be stirring our moods and upsetting our tummies. Be mindful of over-eating as emotional compensation, to numb out stressful feelings. The Chariot is a very spiritual card as it relates to the emotional body being the vehicle or chariot that the soul uses.

To navigate the Chariot one must have total emotional control. How will you stay in equanimity when you are with your family and all the old childhood triggers happen? Of course this Full Cancerian Moon will be stirring our moods, and upsetting our tummies, which Cancer rules. This may be a Christmas of over-eating as emotional compensation, to numb out feelings. Cancer 4. People watching fireworks in the distance.

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  • Knowledge as symbolized by trees seeks connection with the emotional and intuitive realms. At the other extreme — high in the sky — are the fireworks of the Omega Symbol, and unlike the closeness of the fronds to the water, they are at a distance. They signify spiritual glories, the fiery, free, and beautiful energies of the ethereal realms. These are the two places where we need to focus our attention — deep inside ourselves the pond and far outside ourselves into the infinite. The more aware we become of these two realms the more we see they they are reflections of each other, and that ultimately they are the same — there is no inner or outer, only the oneness and unity of self.

    Chakra: 2 nd orange, svadhistana. Colors: white, silver, blue,. Sanskrit Name: Chandra. Set up a sacred meditation space, alter or mesa. You can pre-record these instructions with pauses to listen to as you do the meditation. MUSIC: soft flowy, watery sounds, whale sounds, or heartbeat rate drum beat. Call in the four elements and the four direction into your sacred circle. Center yourself by breathing, sit or lie down, close your eyes. Sit upright. Begin to breathe, slowly, naturally and deeply. Let all your thoughts dissipate as you breathe in and out. Pay attention to your breath moving in through your nostrils filling up your lungs and then being released as your lungs empty, breathing out through your mouth.

    Pause after you exhale for a few seconds then slowly breathe in for the count of four and be aware of the air entering your lungs and filling them. The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen enters your body and brain. This expands your consciousness and awareness and your entire body relaxes. Breathe into and be aware of your womb. Put your hands on your 2 nd chakra. Men also have a spirit womb. Feel how you are totally loved and inseparable from the physical, spiritual and emotional ground with your mother. You are One with the Universe who is your Mother. If you had a difficult relationship with your mother, or if you were unwanted emotionally while your mother was pregnant, or you were abandoned, then this is the perfect time to heal those issues by connecting with the Divine Goddess.

    Imagine that you go back in time to before you were born in this life. See and sense yourself as a small baby in utero. You will hear the pounding of the heartbeat of your mother, as a steady drum beat.

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    • Ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. This was the constant rhythm that accompanied every child every moment before birth.