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What counts most in the first hemicycle is what occurs between aspects, i. When, in the evolutionary second hemicycle, one considers aspects the results of dividing the circle - which is now seen as a whole - what is important is the station reached as the result of the dividing operation. It represents a set and definite category or level of human activity or realizations. What is significant during this hemicycle is the use to which are put the ability to understand ever more inclusively trine and the ability to act in an increasingly focalized and effective manner square.

What matters is the overall meaning one gives to a certain capacity represented by the aspect in one's life, what one makes of and produces with that capacity. The trine thus symbolizes the capacity for an ideological or visionary type of activity; the square follows up with an architectural type of activity in which a concrete model is built - for example, the by-laws of an organization, the musical score of a symphony, the plaster model of a building, etc.

Then comes the task of actually demonstrating the power to formulate the plan for others. The level of creative formulation is reached: the quintile. Before proceeding to consider the quintile, we should first try to integrate for practice what has been said so far regarding the opposition, trine and square. To do so before leaving the sguare category is most appropriate, Insofar as the vision or purpose for action conceived or received under the trine should be anchored - at least in intent - to the physical world at the square.

When looking at the overall pattern of a natal chart, we should consider any oppositions in it as dividing the field of experience represented by the houses into two. Aspects crossing an opposition and thus bridging the two hemicycles divided by it can reveal the best way a person could include and begin to integrate in life the basic relationship or confrontation internal or external represented by the opposition. When trines cross the opposition and link the two hemicircles thus divided, they indicate the capacity for including in understanding the two polarities of the opposition; squares indicate the necessity for an actional solution to the problem.

Although traditional delineations prize the presence and abundance of trines in a horoscope, from the overall, process-oriented and therefore cumulative point of view we are presenting here, it is not important whether or how many trines appear in a chart. Any evolutionary aspect other than an position or a trine itself implies the level of the trine having been reached some time in the past - although it is probably best not to consider this 'past' as merely personal history or even from a personal reincarnational point of view.

When they are connected to squares, they may reveal the nature of the vision - thus what is possible - underlying a challenge to action in a person's life; or, for a person having difficulty meeting some life-challenge, they may reveal what - could be a source of strength and inspiration. Trines can also reveal how basic life-confrontations or relationships represented by an opposition can be most meaningfully and productively understood.

One may of course interpret such a strange feeling by accepting the hypothesis of reincarnation. But the conception of reincarnation can be understood in several ways, and not only from the more or less popularized point of view current today. In any case, we can say that our present is at least partially conditioned by the past - by the past of our parents what they have experienced and the way they have responded or reacted to it as well as their 'unlived lives' , by the ancestral traditions and prejudices which have been stamped upon our receptive minds in early childhood, and by.

From this point of view, we can see that what is usually called a 'kite' Diagram can be a particularly constructive configuration, and this will become clearer when we study the sextile from a geometric point of view later on. For now, we can see that the basic polarity AB is resolved in each hemisphere through C and D, while the relationship CD bridges and concretely links the two hemispheres divided by AB. If either C or D were to be in waning square to a fifth planet E , or if a T-square were to be formed by a planet F squaring both A and B, a configuration particularly dynamic and potentially creative of concrete results is produced.

All configurations in birth-charts are not so neat and symmetrical, and yet all aspects in a chart - especially major and basic ones like oppositions, trines and squares - are related to one another, if not directly and geometrically, in terms of the actual interrelationship of functions and activities in a person's actual life-process. The reason an astrologer studies aspects from an overall, process-oriented perspective is to train the mind to respond to and think in terms of principles of universal and human development.

As a result, the practitioner sees meaning not only in the geometric and symbolic aspects of a natal chart, but also in what becomes to him or her the transparent and also symbolic, dynamic aspects of the client's life and being. The Quintile. It is produced by dividing the whole circle into five segments. This operation results in a pentagram, pentagon or five-pointed star. These stand as symbols of creative or "five-limbed" Man. The five-pointed star is an expression of Man's 'starry' the literal meaning of the term astral being.

In traditional symbolism, the star is considered in two aspects: one, the upward-pointing star, and the other down-pointing. The latter identifies the 'fifth limb' with the sex organ, through which the power of biological generation is expressed; the former identifies it with the spiritual power of the creative mind centered in the head - in a sense, the power of utterance, the power of the Word. The upward-pointing star thus emphasizes the connection between human mentality and the function of imagination. In the down-pointing star, imagination arouses and sustains the generative functions in the realm of material production and pleasure.

It symbolizes creation and building for their own sake, or under the spur of material goals - which ultimately leads to self-destruction. It leads to self-destruction because the generative power of life or material productivity belongs to the involutionary - not evolutionary process. What is important by the time the level of the quintiles is reached is not the 'mindless' proliferation of life-forms, but fulfillment of the truly human potential achieved by exercising the faculty of conscious mental creation. Thus, the upward-pointing star shows the whole human organism transformed into a dynamo generating power to sustain the creative will, indeed the 'light' of the 'starry' being.

This star radiates light; similarly, the truly creative person emanates a world-transforming energy. He or she has not only had vision trine and given it definite form square , but is also able to fecundate with it the substance of society, the collective mentality of fellow human beings. When we approach quintiles in birth-charts and especially, as we will see in a moment, quintile-based patterns, we are not looking for literally upward or downward pointing star-patterns.

We should instead realize that a quintile can operate - if it operates at all - in one of two basic directions or polarities. The polarization is similar to what we found at the opposition: the evolutionary process either progresses or regresses. Here progress is symbolically identified with the head, with the spiritual-mental or conscious aspect of man, with the activation of Vibration Five or Mind - which is a spirit- emanated power to be used in the context of a large evolutionary process. Mind at the level of the quintile or Vibration Five does not mean mere memory, or the simple or even complex association of sense perceptions into intellectual patterns - no matter how superficially satisfying or even exciting such activity may be.

When fully developed, it leads to truly creative not merely productive activity that is, activity in terms of creative spirit, activity therefore transparent to individual purpose. Regression, on the other hand, identifies creativity with an earlier process: the generation of 'life.

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Moreover, since the quintile is the first aspect of the evolutionary series not also found in the devolutionary sequence, it contains the potentiality of victory over nature or materiality, whose tendency at this stage of the devolutionary process is toward disintegration and uniformity entropy. Since the challenge of the square was to overcome inertia - the inner mental inertia of old, inherited assumptions of what can and cannot, should and should not be done - a dynamic momentum of conquest and overcoming had to be established.

It in turn may develop its own inertia resistance to change , and a pattern of activity for the sake of activity may develop. The consciousness may restlessly yearn for activity only for the sake of the excitement of the actor, and at the level of the quintile, this is most likely to be in terms of intellectual, rather than truly mental, excitement and activity. Such a pattern reveals a temporary or permanent inability to function positively at the level of the quintile.

Moreover, it can thwart the process of transition from the quintile to the sextile. As we will see later on, the level of activity represented by the sextile brings the individualized consciousness to a point at which it should feel the need to participate in self-encompassing processes of universal evolution by expressing its own essential genius in harmonious relation to these larger processes. Thus, Vibration Five, Mind, can operate in one of two ways: in terms of purely material, intellectual or selfish desires regression , or by expressing one's creative genius progression or forward evolutionary motion.

The expression of genius becomes possible only after what is represented by the square has been 'squarely' met, and a definite reorientation of consciousness and activity away from conquest and overcoming necessary at the level of the square has been accomplished. Something truly creative can be brought into being only after the inertia of the past that prevented it has been overcome square and the new possibility thus liberated is recognized as something that can indeed happen or be done, This recognition, moreover, must occur in a new context - the context of a truly evolutionary process in which human beings create in conscious, individualized and mental ways.

Practically speaking, this means that when two or more planets or the horizon and meridian in a birth-chart form quintiles - and they should be no more than 20 or 30 over or short of exact, and preferably less - the types of activity the planets signify in the total life and personality can potentially open doors to the influx of creative spirit. But the potentiality may not be actualized if some stronger or more basic factor in the life or chart effectively blocks this influx or the expression of it, or if the person has not yet fully met the challenge to forceful, individualizing action presented by the square that is, if he or she has not yet emerged from the sea of collective activity and consciousness.

These last-mentioned considerations are the primary reasons why astrologers tend not to use the quintile aspect. The vast majority of their clients and many astrologers themselves have not, as yet, truly individualized out of the collective social and psychic matrix. Most human beings on the planet today can go no further than the level represented by the square. As we will see more clearly when we consider the sextile, they cannot respond positively to evolutionary processes of spiritual integration beyond the level represented by the Four.

Even if a person can function effectively at the level of the quintile or Five, it does not mean that the person will necessarily prove to be a 'genius' in the almost colloquial sense of the term. Conversely, all so-called geniuses do not have birth-charts with outstanding quintiles.

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This is simply because many or most of those whom we sometimes rather indiscriminately call geniuses are not real creative spirits, but merely 're-arrangers' of previous patterns of being, dispensing to society what satisfies its traditional desires and appetites. In other cases, a great Personage who truly transforms society can be said to operate in a manner transcending the realm of genius as we understand the term here, as for example, the mouthpiece of some cosmic or divine power an Avatar.

Nevertheless, every person whose acts reveal the power and purpose of the 'star' which symbolizes his or her essential individuality can be considered a genius. The person may not produce great works of art or give birth to scientific theories. But in some way, he or she reveals spirit at work - and spirit can act as destroyer of obsolete structures as well as projector of new archetypes of living and new structures of social or esthetical organization.

The quintile presents the challenge to actualize the innate potentiality of one's own creative genius - however brilliant or inconspicuous the flame of it may be. Since the quintile is one of the less familiar and less often used aspects, a few examples might help to clarify its meaning. While we cannot go into great interpretive depth here, we can at least point to a few examples which the serious student is urged to follow up and examine more closely.

We can begin by mentioning the chart of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which contains several quintile-based aspects as well as a number of other significant unfamiliar aspects. These bi-quintiles mean that a five-pointed star is partially outlined by the Sun, Moon and Uranus. Thus, at the death of this leader whose significance was worldwide, the New Moon completed the five-pointed star linking an elevated Moon, a rising Uranus, a third house North Node, a fifth house Sun conjunct Venus and the Part of Fortune : this is indeed a most remarkable star!

We can thus see what the five-pointed star suggests in the life of a man who gained the power to lead humanity in a time of global crisis by virtue of the victory he had won over his own personal tragedy - and the additional quintile between Mercury and Saturn links the sixth house of personal crisis with the eighth house of personal transformation.

This victory was the substance of F. Of course, no discussion of indications of 'genius,' especially the kind that expresses itself mentally, would be complete without Albert Einstein coming to mind. Here, as in F. We will see later on how the division of the quintile into the semi-quintile - implying the division of the circle by 10 - releases in specific ways the creative power of mind represented by the quintile.

It should come as no surprise to find such a veritable array of quintile-based aspects in the chart of a scientist whose work stands at the threshold of the Atomic Age and whose very being has come to symbolize 'genius. We might mention one point as we become more involved with examples of less-familiar aspects in the lives of well-known persons. Very often students' responses to such examples as Roosevelt and Einstein is, "OK, that's fine, but what does something about their charts have to do with my chart or my next door neighbor's?

Old wives tales and birth omens notwithstanding, a baby is not born with a sign saying "This is the one who is going to be significant. Aspects between planets are rather long-lasting and appear in many horoscopes of babies born over a period of several days or even weeks.

Granted, the house positions of the aspecting planets change, but even these change relatively slowly, considering the numbers of babies born every hour in large cities. When we realize what all these considerations imply, we should conclude that an astrologer must give to all clients the highest and most comprehensive vision of birth-potentialities possible. The more an astrologer or client sees and understands is possible, the more the person will be able to actually realize and accomplish.

The more one settles for a limited point of view - "This in my or his life or chart could only mean this or that, and only on a personal level," or "It couldn't refer to anything truly significant in a large, humanitarian way" - the less one will be able actually to accomplish and fulfill. We use astrology most constructively and creatively when we gain from it a sense of what is indeed possible for us at the highest levels of our potentialities.

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Seeing that, the challenge is then to keep our eyes open to life itself, to be able to respond appropriately when some event or chain of circumstances seems to say, "Hey, remember that quintile - or septile? If you are able or want to do anything about it, here's an opportunity. The Sextile. In the evolutionary series, the sextile is the level reached after the.

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  5. It results when the circle is divided by six, and it can also be understood as a trine divided by two. Geometrically, division by six produces a six-pointed star made up two interlaced equilateral triangles. In the six-pointed star or Solomon's Seal, one triangle points downward, the other up. Two trines, two kinds of understanding and vision-are potentially integrated here.

    On the one hand, the sextile therefore refers to the ability to offer integrative solutions to bi-polar problems sometimes necessitating the harmonization of different approaches to solving them. On the other hand, the down-pointing triangle refers to the descent or incarnation of spirit; the upward-pointing triangle refers to the ascent of matter, to its readiness to receive the spiritual descent.

    Interlaced together, they symbolize the very involutionary and evolutionary processes we are studying, and in this sense the sextile markes the completion of the process. What tried to 'incarnate' at the trine, and could then only manifest as vision and understanding; what had to overcome the inertia of habit and matter at the square, and the restlessness of the intellect at the quintile, can now, at the sextile be met and embraced by an ascending material form: a human organism involutionary process , awakened consciousness opposition imbued with a sense of purpose trine , a focused will square and mind quintile can now receive and work with the down flow.

    The level of consciousness and activity reached at the sextile is thus one at which spirit and matter can be integrated through adequate management and organizational genius. As at previous stages in the evolutionary process, success in actualizing the potentialities represented by the sextile is not guaranteed. The manager or organizer can become so caught up in his own machinations and talents that he fails to recognize the workings of spirit behind and through his acts. This can lead to a fateful egocentrism or to a lazy, easy-going type of consciousness which seeks the line of least exertion and thus fails to integrate creative power with the material need that is calling forth the descent of spirit-released power.

    When this negative possibility operates, the polarities of spirit and matter become reversed: spirit that should have become incorporated and active as a solution to the need of an evolving material organism a human being, a society , loses interest, as it were, in matter, and flies back to its 'heavenly' or purely subjective realm - while matter, which should keep evolving upward toward the spirit, falls back to the state of disintegration and chaos without enlightened management.

    Spirit then goes 'up'; matter falls 'down' and following this reversal of creative polarity, the two cannot again attempt integration in the present cycle. The 'marriage of heaven and earth' is broken; divorce ensues, often under the compulsion of hatred - which is just as binding as love and which therefore will of necessity call forth a new cycle in order to 'try again.

    The sextile can also be considered as a trine divided in two. At the level of the square, we saw that bisection does not apply only to the division of the circle into two halves opposition. We found its basic meaning reappearing in a somewhat modified form, and it will come up again when we consider the octile semi-square and decile semi-quintile. Now, after the quintile, this rapport is established between the creative subject the 'genius' expressing an individual destiny or universal truth and society at large, or a receptive segment of it.

    At the level of the quintile, there is no real working relationship between creator and public, leader and led, the fashioning of a spirit-energized mind and the racial organism of body and psyche subjected to the creative release, usually under some kind of strain. The motto of a creator operating strictly at the level of the quintile may be, "Art for art's sake. It was a great achievement for the individual Einstein to 'create' the formula upon which the controlled release of atomic energy depends, but humanity is now faced and must live with the reality of nuclear power in a variety of forms.

    If our world-civilization succumbs to an atomic disaster of one kind or another, or to the hysteria of fear and uncertainty the danger of one has produced, the genius of Einstein and his colleagues may indeed appear to future generations as catastrophically destructive - because of having come as a premature 'gift' to an immature society.

    Such a realization made Einstein and many other prominent atomic physicists of the post-War years take the lead in trying to educate people and governments into an awareness of the political and social changes which the scientists' genius made necessary, if humankind is to survive. What is necessary is a complete shift of the level of consciousness of modern men and women, especially of those who provide leadership and set examples of supposedly constructive behavior for their societies. This shift in level of consciousness can be symbolized astrologically as a change from an emphasized quintile-type of consciousness to one in which the characteristics of quintiles and sextiles are integrated.

    What this means is that at the level of the sextile, not only sheer creativeness quintile is important, but also the effect of the creative expression upon the outer world and society. If the creative approach to life represented by the quintile is to be made truly spiritual and fully constructive at the sextile, it must take into consideration the need of the world. The essential nature of spirit is to act only in response to need.

    The spiritual action is always a necessary action free from all unnecessary elements - just as the truly great work of art or elegant solution to a problem is one which contains only necessary elements from which nothing can be subtracted without impairing the harmony and beauty of the whole. Truly spiritual activity at the level of the sextile must therefore be attuned to the purpose of the whole - to what some may call Tao or 'the flow,' others, 'God's will' - or at least to the purpose of a particular life-cycle.

    Waning sextiles thus produce an unprecedented evolutionary challenge today. They are most apt to operate at first in their devolutionary mode, as the need for reorganization following a crisis in consciousness. This is because the vast majority of human beings actually have little to do with the level of consciousness represented by the quintile. They can go no further than the level of the square - or, to put it differently, they cannot respond to evolutionary processes of spiritual integration beyond the stage or Vibration Four.

    Only a mentally positive minority can respond to those creative processes symbolized by the five-fold differentiation of the circle, the five-pointed star or pentagram and the Vibration Five. It is this 'elite' which today must experience a 'change of gears' from a dominant, mentally restless Vibration Five to a vibration in which the principle of characteristic response to life's challenges represented by the Five and the Six will become integrated.

    As consciousness truly progresses in the evolutionary series, it moves on by way of ever-greater inclusiveness - that is, when reaching the level Six it does not or should not abandon the powers of creativity gained at level Five. The problem is to integrate the new powers Six with the old ones Five. Similarly, when humanity as a whole shifts from the level Four to the level Five, it does so only gradually, by stressing successive 'overtones' rather than by jumping from one 'fundamental' to the next.

    Today we are witnessing a twofold process: on one hand, the majority of humanity is slowly shifting the focus of its mass-consciousness from the level Four to the level Five witness the extreme emphasis on 'individual rights' ; on the other, the already mentally developed minority is hesitantly beginning to incorporate into its approach to experience features characteristic of the level Six. These features are the ones which Jesus came to announce and to exemplify. His coming sounded the keynote of a new 26,year cycle of precession which began at the inception of both Christianity and the Roman Empire.

    These features are also expressed astrologically in the sextile - but the sextile considered as a step in the series of evolutionary aspects whose keynote can be best defined as creation in understanding. In terms of involutionary i. It therefore represents a complete, bi-polar type of activity, which is nevertheless subjective, because it does not include a view of the whole circle. In terms of evolutionary that is, conscious and integrative responses to life, the sextile is also a symbol of practical effectiveness, but this effectiveness operates at the level of creative mental processes and is the result of the conscious integration of the will to create with the human need that made the creation necessary.

    It is fully effective because activity at the level of the evolutionary sextile includes a clear and compassionate understanding of that which called forth the creative act - thus of the human need, whether it be personal or collective. Rarely, but occasionally, one sees a chart with a full pattern of six sextiles, two interlaced grand trines. Two are in our files. One is the chart of a young man 23 at the time of consultation who had not at that time found his 'place' in life.

    He has apparently taken the line of least resistance and exertion, always managing to 'scrape by' on all levels, but little more. The other is the chart of a woman, now past mid-life. She has led a most varied and interesting life of accomplishment in terms of both social and spiritual values. It is interesting to note that at the root of the life-challenges faced by both people, has been the question of relatedness: two interlinked grand trines, six sextiles around the circle, automatically imply three oppositions.

    In the case of the young man, his relationship to his own diabetic body and to God has been focal. In the case of the woman, interpersonal relationship and relationship to a Teacher and a Work have been and continue to be significant. The Septile. When we come to the aspect which follows the sextile in the evolutionary series, we find it based on a division of the circle of wholeness into seven equal parts.

    Converted into decimals it is It is thus an 'irrational' value. If we inquire into the occult meaning of numbers we find out that the number Seven producing this value is a very special kind of number indeed. Perhaps the simplest way to interpret the character of number Seven is to say that it represents what remains after the Six has operated fully. The meaning of such a remainder is clearly shown in the geometrical element pi, which measures the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle.

    This relationship is an 'irrational' one in that it does not measure to any whole number, being 3. If instead of the diameter we consider the radius of a circle in relation to its circumference, we readily see that more than six radii are necessary to make a circumference. This 'more' constitutes the 'remains' or 'leftover' after the sixth period of any cycle is completed. The Seven refers to the part of pi that goes on forever, to what is left over beyond three diameters or six radii - the indefinable plus required for a whole circle, which also gives it the opportunity to become a spiral.

    In order to take care of that 'left over' a seventh period is necessary, and this seventh period is actually the seed-beginning of a new cycle. In the new cycle, the 'leftover' of the old cycle will be given a new chance to become integrated and to progress in the vast scheme of universal evolution. Besides the kind of leftovers that remain unintegrated from the preceding six phases - whatever has not as yet managed to become integrated - there are also leftovers that can't possibly be integrated because they are toxins or negative by-products of the cycle.

    Rather than being integrated, these have to be neutralized and eliminated so that they will not poison the succeeding cycle now beginning to seed. Every cycle has its 'left over' - and materials which could not be assimilated to spirit, which the consciousness of the person operating under the Six could not understand or provide for creatively. At the close of the sixth period the actual cycle is ended, as far as outward and normally visible manifestations go; but to the need of the disintegrating remains or 'manure' of the closed cycle, some new type of spirit-born realization answers - and this realization eventually leads to the birth of a new cycle.

    What should be realized in full consciousness during this seventh period reminiscent of the Biblical 'Seventh Day' is not essentially that everything was well with the work done, but that there is never an end to creative activity and that there are always ashes to take care of after the fire of life has subsided. What the Seven tells to human beings is that no account can be closed forever; that six radii do not make exactly the length of the circumference; that nature human and otherwise is not simply rational, and that it cannot fit into strictly rationalistic or mental patterns.

    There are fractional numbers ad infinitum to take care of-the never-ending decimals of the septile and the value pi. To realize these things and to incorporate this realization into the structure of one's inner being is to operate at the level of the septile. It is to force oneself to be immortal - that is, to stride over the close of the cycle in order to become a seed ready to sacrifice itself in order to be the foundation of a new vegetation, when spring comes again.

    The number Seven is thus the key to personal immortality to identifying oneself with the entire cycle, with the eternal. In a negative sense, it can refer to identification with atomicization, with the process of disintegration inevitable at the close of the cycle.

    In order to be at all significant, a septile aspect must be very close to exact. A lesser distance should be considered a semi-square; a greater distance is a sextile. In addition to its outstanding quintiles, Franklin D. Roosevelt's chart contains most significant septiles. As Jupiter and Neptune are very close and their conjunction of obvious importance in F.

    According to Marc Jones, the key meaning of the septile is 'fatality,' and in the exact septile of Mars retrograde and Saturn we can see how fatality worked in its strange and mysterious ways to bring tragedy and fame to F. Mars and the Moon are in the tenth house, and the septiles they control clearly deal with Roosevelt's public life, his death in office, etc.

    Oppositions and Squares

    But there is far more to these septiles than fatality - or this term has to be made to cover a greater depth of meaning than is usually the case. In the septile we find a potential gate to immortality, as well as the possible assumption of a collective and historical destiny - a potentiality only, we must stress. He also died from overexertion in office. In the case of the composer and super-star archetype Franz Lizst, the septile of Sun and Moon did not produce tragedy, except if we consider the abuse of vital forces and the over-spending of self as one.

    Under the circumstances, this could be considered a compelling destiny of wealth and social power. A similar remark could be made concerning Andrew Carnegie's septile between Mars a symbol of iron and steel and Neptune; the septile linking his Moon and Venus presumably refers to his fame as a prototype of the large-scale American philanthropist and culture-patron. The septile between Neptune and Jupiter in Walt Whitman's chart had what seems to be a happier outcome - an evident symbol of the expansive social vision that made the bard of American democracy forever great.

    A more contemporary example is the chart of California's charismatic Governor Jerry Brown - who has been known to claim to have "an essence" rather than an "image. The Sun is septile Jupiter, which in turn is tri-septile Neptune. Neptune in turn is septile Pluto. You are aware of the energies but you are unable to use them. This can be read as an inconjunct.

    A waiting in anticipation influence; you feel in a limbo state as you wait for a transition to occur. Frustration is experienced since you do not know that you are really in a waiting state. Some the next Progressed Moon aspect marks the period to move forward. You must wait for the events to unfold. I interpret then as problems with which you are not directly involved. It is not a square unless you get involved. They question and over-analyze to the point of missing the point; Separation from the Opposition cause their excessive desire to share to be annoying to others.

    Excessiveness results from their lack in skill in disseminating information. It has occult implications as it is the 7th Harmonic aspect. Obsessive-Compulsive types often have this aspect strong natally, creating extremes of ups and downs. The Septile event is often such a surprise that the individual is unable to take advantage of the opportunity. Psychologists do find that obsessive personalities are often highly creative and inventive.

    This only occurs when there are many of these aspects. Roy has 7 in his natal chart. It is the Solar Arc Septile that often triggers these events. The Septile aspect natally works best with Quintiles. In a research project that I initiated in the early s, I found this aspect to have occurred in the charts of children who were put to death in concentration camps. Septiles rule sudden, extraordinary events that come as a surprise.

    In practical affairs, its rules a surprise opportunity but it is usually such a surprise that you cannot take advantage of it. This is a highly creative aspect, even in a natal chart. Persuasiveness is a part of its influence. Its influence on an event is to bring a creative solution to a problem, a logical resolution rather than a Septile-Type solution.

    In problems, your personal ingenuity, creativity and influence can manipulate your way out. A student found that a negotiating deal was resolved when the Progressed Moon was Quintile Mercury. Minor aspects manifest near exactness. It is said that Quintile Dominant personalities have a strong sense of mission but they must first define what they want in order to get it!

    These aspects represent problems in which you are only peripherally involved. If you get involved, it will become an opposition, a conflict with another. A new situation requires too much adjustment but there is nothing that you can do about it. Do not travel or you will wait on circumstances, causing delays. New situations, such as creating a new computer system, require that you learn something new and adapt. When prominent in the natal chart so that a YOD is formed, these people experience many fated events in their lives, events that seem beyond their control.

    These aspects imply a need for great personal transformation and these people are actually given many opportunities for a major metamorphosis. The degree aspect involves planets, signs and issues that cannot be reconciled or compromised such as with the opposition. With any inconjunct, the individual is programmed with this misinformation. Keep this in mind when you begin to read the interpretations of your planets in the signs of your chart — the aspects tell more of the story. So, what are aspects in astrology?

    Simply put, aspects are a connection or relationship between two or more planets. This connection always alters the interpretation of the planets and signs involved. When planets are in aspect to each other, their interpretations must be blended according to the nature of the aspect. To be precise, aspects are special degrees of separation between the planets, with respect to the Earth.

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    Since astrology focuses on the interplay between the celestial bodies and our Earth, we take a geo-centric Earth-centered view of the heavens. The planets, then, are observed to orbit at different speeds in approximately the same plane in space. As a result of these planetary motions, various angles, measured in degrees, arc minutes, and arc seconds, are formed between the planets as seen from the Earth. In mathematics, an angle is defined as that fraction of a circle formed between two lines that intersect at the vertex.

    Imagine the Earth being at the center of the circle. Then imagine a line being drawn from two planets each to the Earth, so that the Earth is the vertex of the angle. The number of degrees between the two lines connecting two planets with respect to the Earth forms the angular relationship — the aspect — between the two planets. Aspects are considered not only for the planets, Sun, and Moon, but also for the points of the Ascendant and the Midheaven.

    In this example image, the Sun and the Moon are in "square" aspect. However, astrologers do not label aspects like that, for that would be a tangled mess of lines in the birth chart. Instead, the angular relationships are denoted by a single line connecting the two planets in aspect. Thus, in any astrology chart, the square aspect will be denoted by a line like the red one in the image above.

    The Planetary Aspects

    Certain degrees of angularity are very important in astrology. They are called the "major aspects. Now, aspects are given a margin in which they have an influence. This margin of influence is called an " orb " in astrology. An allowable orb is the amount by which the two planets involved can deviate from the exact number of degrees of the aspect and still be considered to have an aspect influence. As you'll see below, each aspect can be defined as a circle divided by a number.

    The sextile will be two signs apart, the trine will be four signs apart, and the opposition will be six signs apart. Many pages can be written describing the dynamics of each aspect, but here we will brief. Keep in mind that as you grow in your knowledge of astrology, and as you gain experience in interpreting charts, you can add your own insight into how the aspects are manifested. This is a very dynamic aspect, since it marks a strong focalized potential for expression along with a tendency for direct action and self-dramatization.