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Facts The best curve on Gemini is their smile Facts Gemini likes to talk things out face-to-face rather than resorting to texting Facts Geminis are great storytellers and writers Facts A Gemini female is among the most desirable of the Zodiac. Facts Gemini present themselves well in public. They are a real charmer.

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Facts Geminis the only sign that can have good sex with every other sign. Thank for reading! Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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While it might make someone feel better to confide in their Gemini bestie, be warned — Gemini thrive on gossip and they low key cannot control who they spill secrets to. They also are unlikely to share personal feelings or details about themselves, which can make dating tricky.

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Are you like this? Geminis falter when things get serious. What do you do when not replying to yext messages?

If I don't reply, it just means that I saw it but then I was about to send a message but then my parents call me for something to do. Like this post and share it with all of your friends too. He he. Why they do us like that? They are also very vain and often arrive incredibly late for a date.

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Beware of their usual excuse that they ran out of Fiber Creme pomade at the last moment. The secret of a rewarding relationship with a Gemini is to keep them away from mirrors — and all reflecting objects including toilet bowl water. Gemini can be very passionate and thoroughly enjoy pleasing their lovers… once they actually notice them that is. It could be a terrible family secret, a hidden talent, or simply the convenience of frozen pizza.

The good news is that Gemini are well adapted to change. We regularly update our site with interesting news and events related to Marbella, so if you would like to receive alerts, please enter your email into the box below. It helps us to get the word out. Amuse yourself and make fun of your friends with the Gemini Hilaroscope 21st May — 21st June. Character, love, money, future and much more ridiculously revealed.