Libra weekly horoscope december 1 2019

In January , you are spending your time in the company of friends and relatives. Someone you care about goes through a difficult period and may need your support. You are good at saying the right thing at the right moment, and this helps you make many friends. Your life partner can get a little jealous of your circle of friends. The Libra natives are enjoying a superb month in love, especially if they are hitting the road and if they are looking for a partner. In career, the Libra natives are successful especially in intellectual and cultural activities or during business trips.

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Pay attention to your health because there is a major risk of illness or overstrain! You have the tendency to make exaggerated claims and to surprise in an unpleasant manner those around you with absurd whims.

Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, 12222

Try to improve your modest side of your personality and to offer, if you want to receive. Protect your respiratory system, which is going to be more sensitive to pathogen agents during this period. Some outstanding events, passionate love, romantic and extravagant sexual encounters are waiting for you. At work, your collaborations and partnerships are going well, you are functioning wonderfully in teamwork. Try to reduce spending and avoid violent conflicts because you risk getting hurt.

After a controversial and difficult period, things calm down in your life. You are starting to see everything from a new perspective and to have more success, especially in love.

Decan 1 Libra 12222 Horoscope

Be careful how you manage your resources, an important financial collapse is announced. Your health might get affected by anxiety.

Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes and Astrology Readings

June brings a strong need to escape from the everyday life. In the couple, long trips are beneficial for consolidating the relationship. You will have an increased availability to take initiative and to fight for what you deserve. Some conflicts in the couple or between the members of your family may occur, fueled by the influence exerted by Mars. Uranus in the house of couples may bring radical, shocking or astonishing changes, which could be both positive and negative. At work, you benefit from intuition and ambition, but financially, you may face some really significant expenses.

The romance in two will be replaced this month with socialization. You will participate with your partner at many social events, you will get remarked in numerous groups and you will have a lot of fun. The lovemaking will be more unrestrained and full of enthusiasm.

Libra Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

During this week, avoid making important travel or travel decisions. In your work you will receive support, understanding and useful relationships with your wife.

Horoscope of the week March (3 – 9)

Many will enjoy a new chance or unique opportunity to do something meaningful for their home or family. You will have to decide and act quickly, sometimes almost impulsively, trusting your own intuition. Men will be impatient. It will be difficult to delay the completion of tasks for another day, they will want everything to be completed quickly and, of course, successfully.

Money & Career

Additional income or unexpected cash is possible. Libra Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, If you were born under the sign of Libra, this week you will enjoy the news of future motherhood or an important event in your relative's life. During this week, your love experiences will be an occasion for conversations and discussions with friends or relatives. The week will be auspicious for engagement or marriage.

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  8. During the week, you will be able to count on the support of people from your family or friends. You may receive important promise or valuable advice from such a person. Such events will be important for the development of your plan and you will be appreciating what you will receive.