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It's a great weekend to get home projects completed or to get caught up with business at home. Mars is in Libra, and Pluto is now direct. Mercury is now in the sign of Scorpio!

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Mars is called the ancient ruler of Scorpio, and now has a modern ruler of Pluto. Pluto is about life transformations. Pluto is significantly powerful in its energy and impact than Mars. When you think you're being caught in the undertow, check out what personal planet is being affected by your Pluto.

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Throughout the end of this year, we will all have our Plutonic moments. These may feel harmful at first, but they will also help to clarify who you are in light of what you think you are. Yes, there can be a big difference.

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Mars is the planet of war, and it's ruled by Aries, a fire zodiac sign. Aries is the "I am" of astrology. In relationship to Libra, Aries and Libra are opposite zodiac signs. Their aspect activates first and seventh house matters. For all zodiac signs, the energy will be most felt in the area of your personal life and also your love life. Our mission is to learn how to balance the needs and wants of the self in light of the demands others place on us, especially the people we love. The dynamics can also appear in our working relationships.

The seventh solar house can be related to work because Libra is involved with partnerships and unions. Some zodiac signs who are in love with their work, or have passion projects in motion will also need to adjust their expectations. You can't be all things to all people and still be what you need to yourself without taking time into consideration.

Balance is key.

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To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Friday, October 4, , plus a tarot card. Aries, you are a little bit of a wit today and open to new possibilities. With Mercury entering sassy Scorpio, the energy is intensely pointing you towards relationships where you can access hidden resources or share some of what you have. Mind your secrets, however. You may not want to do any big reveals this weekend until things have settled in with Mars entering fair-minded Libra.

Taurus, Venus, your ruling planet of love and beauty continues its transit of sixth house matters and you're ready to heal and let go of the past. Now that Pluto is direct in Capricorn, life is forward-facing and this can ignite your desire to learn and grow, change residences or take a class to expand your knowledge of personal ancestry, culture or your family history. Mercury in Scorpio can bring out the warm and fuzzies for you, as your love life gets activated.

Gemini, with your ruling planet, Mercury entering Scorpio, things are really starting to become more apparent for you in the love sector. You are more open and expressive. You might even feel like pouring out your heart into a project, a personal relationship or start writing poetry, thanks to a Mercury-Venus conjunction all weekend.


Cancer, the Moon enters your seventh house of relationships and love this weekend. What a positive omen for change in your love life. You now have multiple personal planets encouraging you to address heart wounds and areas where you might have felt 'less than'. Today's Moon-Mercury sextile can encourage an enlightening conversation with a friend that leads to a well-matched partnership in the near future. Leo, your ruling planet, the Sun continues to encourage you to open up and spill your metaphorical beans.

You might have not put to pen and paper the big plans you have for the future, but have thought them over to a solid idea. Now that your ruling planet is squaring Saturn, the planet of structure, which is in your sixth house of well-being, it's as good a time as ever to make arrangements.

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  • You're so close to manifesting a new life, which can happen for you while Pluto is finally direct. Virgo, your ruling planet Mercury is in your third house of paperwork when it spent some time in your second house of finance and home. It got me thinking about tradition […]. Click play to hear an audio version of this offering. Yes, trauma can clog the line to intuition.

    When […]. Click play to hear an audio version of the offering. The book of tarot is written in the language of archetype and symbol, with Judgment symbolizing a call to action, a thing that motivates change. A value, a vision, a quest, a dream life. One thing that you learn as you live is how quickly and radically external reality can change. As a species we are adaptive but also highly habitual; we can build whole castles for ourselves only to find that we still spend all of our time […].

    A […]. The assumption that intellectual knowing is more valid than intuitive knowing is so pervasive in our culture that we rarely question it. But it is destructive, not only because it renders our experiences so lop-sided, but also because it is based on a hierarchy that […]. When I started doing clinical work, I was struck by how rare it was to hear therapists talk to patients about intuition.