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An in-depth analysis can reveal something missed on the first glance that is essential to attaining your goals.

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Although you might be caught up in Spock-like Vulcan activities, such as calculating the distance between asteroids, you are also in the mood to form new friendships. If you treat co-workers with respect and treat everyone with friendliness, it will be easier to bring home the bread and butter. Avoid making purchases on a momentary whim. In May you might be able to make sound career or business decisions but must resist getting involved in a wild goose chase or get-rich scheme without merit.

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Alternatively, a new romance might divert your attention. You might be easily fooled by appearances in June and could be distracted from what is important if you spend too much time daydreaming. Conditions and outcomes could be up in the air in September so wait until November when you are at your best to make major decisions, job changes and romantic commitments.

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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday January 24

Level up, Virgo! Now that you have the financial backing you need to invest in your dreams, use your funds wisely. Cosmic tip: Now that you have the financial backing you need to invest in your dreams, take your next step wisely. Let this be the month to reset in the realm of work. Get ready to woo the opportunities that resonate with your soul. Putting yourself out there is an integral part of the process. Update your CV, network with the right crew, and get ready to hustle hard.

Remember, action is the most important step in the manifestation process. Look around you, Scorpio! You are surrounded by your best people, people who water you and love watching you grow.

In today's video, you will see how January 24 will unfold for you.

Things are especially blessed on the family front. Such a wonderful feeling to back home to people who love you this much!

Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 24 - Free Your Mind!

To feel is to heal, Sagittarius. Allow yourself to delve in the murky realm of emotions, despite your resistance. Is there any childhood trauma that has been triggered in the process? Understand where this wound is stemming from. Awareness is the first step. Cosmic tip: Allow yourself to delve in the murky realm of emotions, despite your resistance.

The Universe is sending a basket full of goodies your way. Are you ready to claim what you truly deserve? Things in the people department are looking especially good for you.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

What a wonderful feeling to be supported this much by those you love! For some, a wedding, an engagement or a celebration of some sort could be on the cards too. Take a deep breath and ground yourself in the present. The worst is behind you. This is the calm that comes after the storm. Remember that healing is a journey.

Gemini daily horoscope – January 24 | Yasmin Boland

Work the wounds and self-defeating patterns out of your system as you shower them light and love. If you don't yet have any goals for your health or fitness, this could be a good time to set some. Keep the goals small and incremental. Pay attention to your needs. You're unstoppable today when it comes to your creative abilities. You've got the passion, focus, and inspiration to keep you going for hours. If you have a big project to tackle or if you need to breathe some new life into an old idea, the stars align to assist you.

Libra Daily Horoscope for January 24

Just be sure to pace yourself. Slow and steady.


When it comes to a toxic relationship with a family member, you could find the courage today to draw healthy boundaries with them. On a separate note, you and your partner may start planning for your financial future or making the decision to move in together. Face your fears around intimacy. You're more than happy to come to the rescue of those in need, so it's only right that others would want to return the favor.

This is a theme for you today, be open to receiving the support you need, including words of wisdom. Meanwhile, your mind is razor sharp now. Put that mind power to good use. Financially, you could be sitting pretty today as you have the power and the confidence to negotiate the kind of money you want. Keep this in mind as your powers of manifestation increase. No need to settle for chump change.