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Take this cool headed approach in problem-solving today, and don't let any uncomfortable news that finds you today overwhelm you. It's serious energy, but not negative energy, if you just meet those responsibilities. You want to be careful today, because there is a chance you could interfere with your income streams if you aren't engaging with authority figures properly.

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  • Some new beginnings on your income stream are not just possible today, Capricorn, they are probable if you put the work in. So don't let serious matters weigh the day down, you have some work to do that could make you some bank if you put your mind to it! When the Page of Swords arrives in your reading, keep your wits about you as intellect and rational logic is favored in your situation over emotional decision making.

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    This Page brings with her news that will favor your situation. It is often delightful news that has a way of turning around your entire outlook. Smoky Quartz "I am ignited with the flame of life," is the affirmation of Smoky Quartz, a crystal known for its transforming and grounding properties. Its primary chakra is the Root Chakra, connecting us to our self-preservation and survival instincts and can help to remove negative energy.

    Capricorn Daily Horoscope

    The final round of Mercury madness AKA Mercury retrograde for is knocking at the door, and the retrograde officially kicks off October 31, lasting until November Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded. Greetings, Earthlings! So already we are starting October feeling a little bit behind the magic 8 ball. Enter your email address below to receive your daily horoscope directly to your inbox. Your email will be used to send you your free astrological reading, along with ongoing communications regarding your zodiac sign.

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    What are you working on today, Cap? More Horoscopes for capricorn Sun Sign. Weekly Forecast. Daily Horoscope Video with Debra Silverman.

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