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Arrange connections ahead of time. Visit museums and archives. Discover amazing wonders.

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Leo July Aug. A chance to grow shared accounts appears.

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Consult a trusted expert. Accept nice benefits. Save for something special. Virgo Aug.

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Coordinate your efforts and collaborate. Listen to intuition for the best timing. Pay attention to someone else's view. Libra Sept. Practice your moves, techniques and tricks. Exercise energizes you and builds vitality. Rest deeply and eat well. Scorpio Oct.


Little things can express your love. Playfulness and a sense of humor endear you to someone sweet.

Have fun. Sagittarius Nov. A new coat of paint amazes. Plant seedlings and tend your garden for flowering results. Capricorn Dec. An intellectual puzzle takes a surprising turn. Follow a hunch. Discover an incredible plot twist.

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Aquarius Jan. If you get windfall fruit, make jam. Horoscopes: Wednesday, October 2, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Tuesday, October 1, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Monday, September 30, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Sunday, September 29, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Saturday, September 28, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Friday, September 27, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Thursday, September 26, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Wednesday, September 25, by Holiday Mathis. Horoscopes: Tuesday, September 24, by Holiday Mathis.

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A Philly artist has just redesigned the Barrymore Awards. And the winning trophy is This pop-up Halloween adventure in a South Philly church building has dancing zombies, phantom phone booths, and more by Ellen Dunkel. Capturing the moments beyond a screen by Angela Duckworth.

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